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Caparipa is a clear, strong and bitter American IPA. Its aroma remings passionfruits and other citric fruits. This craft beer receives heavy loads of american hops during its dry hopping process. This brings a great and unique aroma to this beer.

Its alcohol is 5,6% and bitterness 40 IBU. Its recipe includes the hops Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and Collumbus. Caparipa is a very easy to drink and refreshing American IPA.

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Caparipa have the World Beer Awards 2018 silver medal

Caparipa: American IPA craft beer recipe

Our mission is to spread the craft beer culture in Portugal and worldwide. Beer is meant for everyone. We love to share our recipes with friends and customers. Right away, we will provide the recipe of our American IPA, the Caparipa.

Warning: always observe the laws about alcohol production and consumption in your country. This recipe is meant exclusively for studying purposes.

Technical information

  • Alcohol 5,6%
  • Bitterness 40 IBU
  • Color 8 EBC
  • OG 1051
  • FG 1009
  • Batch size 20L
  • Efficiency 80%


  • Pilsner Malt 2,9 kg
  • Wheat malt 0,34 kg
  • Carahell Malt 0,6 kg
  • Oats 0,39 kg


  • Collumbus/Tomahawk 14g (Boil) – 60 min
  • Mosaic 100g (Boil) – 0 min
  • Citra 80g (Dry hopping)
  • Simcoe 80g (Dry hopping)
  • Amarillo 80g (Dry hopping)


Mashing steps

  • 65°C (70 min)
  • 72°C (20 min)
  • 78°C (10 min)


  • 18°C (1 day)
  • 20°C (3 days)
  • 22°C (5 days)

Tips and advice

  • Mature this craft beer during 5-7 days, after the fermentation ends, desireably in temperatures of 8-12°C.
  • After the maturation process, befure bottling, we recommend doing a good cold crash of at least 48 hours at a temperature from 0-2°C. This will clarify your beer and reduce undesired phenols.