Craft beer factory in Lisbon

Visit our factory

Visit our factory

We produce our own craft beer in our brewpub, at Rua Angelina Vidal 53-A, Graça, Lisbon. Schedule a guided tour to our factory, and know a little of our history and philosophy.

Extreme brewing

Our craft beer factory was founded on 2018, in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. We produce extreme and intense craft beers. We put a maximum of our efforts and heart in this holy beverage. Our factory currently have a capacity of 4.000L a month, with a project of increasing to up to 8.000L a month in a few months. We use isobaric fermenters of 650L and 225L french oak barrels to ferment and maturate our beers.

In our brewpub you will probably find the freshest beers in Lisbon. We serve the beers just a few days after it comes out of the fermenter. This ensures an unique and optimal experience to our customers and friends.