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Boris is a dark craft beer, full bodied and with a moderate bitterness. Russian Imperial Stout is its style. On its recipe, it have cocoa, coconuts and lactose, which provide a pleasant, rich and unique aroma. This beer's aroma reminds chocolate and coconuts with coffee notes. Almost a liquid desert. Boris have a high body, perfect to comfort you during a colder weather. I have 9% of alcohol and 49 IBUs of bitterness.
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Boris beer have an excelence award, given by Revista Paixao pela Cerveja in 2019.

Boris: Russian imperial stout craft beer recipe

Our mission is to spread the beer culture for new brewers. Not only in Portugal, but worldwide. Craft beer is meant to be democratic – for everyone. We love to share our culture with friends and customers. Right away, we will provide the recipe for you to brew Boris, our Russian Imperial Stout.

Note: always check and obbey your local laws of alcohol production and consumption. This recipe is given only for home brewers’ studying purposes.

Beer specs

  • Alcohol 9%
  • Bitterness 48 IBU
  • Color 79 EBC
  • OG 1105
  • FG 1038
  • Batch size 20L


  • Pilsner Malt 2,4 kg
  • Wheat Malt 1,2 kg
  • Chocolate Malt 0,8 kg
  • Crystal 20L Malt 0,4 kg
  • Carared Malt 0,2 kg
  • Oats 0,6 kg
  • Lactose 0,8 kg


  • Collumbus/Tomahawk 20g (Boil) – 60 min
  • Mosaic 15g (Boil) – 0 min


Mashing temperatures

  • 68°C (90 min)
  • 72°C (20 min)
  • 78°C (10 min)


  • 17°C (2 days)
  • 19°C (2 days)
  • 21°C (5 days)

Tips and advice

  • Use 15L as initial water for your mash. Then, use 18L of water for sparge.
  • You should add the lactose only right before boiling
  • We recommend a maturation process of 30-45 days of this beer, after the fermentation ends. The ideal temperature for that is from 8-12°C.