Gallas Brewery in Lisbon: our craft beer story

Gallas Craft Beer came from a friends reunion in Rio de Janeiro. Gallas used to call friends and make hamburgers at home, the so-called ``hamburgada``. To paid with such events, Gallas started producing beers at home in Brazil. What was a hobby, for fun, became serious. Gallas moved to Lisbon, Portugal, adopted Boris (the boss dog). Make a big investment in equipment and fermenters. In 2018 Gallas opened its craft beer factory at the Graça neighbourhood, in Lisbon. The famous burgers can be tasted at 21 Gallas Brewpub, the Gallas Brewery taproom in Lisbon.

Boris, the craft beer dog

The brewery dog, Boris, adopted by Gallas, it present in almost all our beer labels. It also is a frequent presence at 21 Gallas Brewpub, our taproom in Lisbon, and in the craft beer events as well. Boris is a generic dog, without a specific breed. Loves cookies and tricks.

Extreme brewing

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Our beers

Here you can find all of our beers in bottles. We have most of them in kegs, and many other experimental beers. Visit our taproom for unique, new and rare craft beer experiences.