We made public our craft beer recipes!

We made public our craft beer recipes!

From today, Gallas Brewery (Lisbon, Portugal), will make public its craft beer recipes. Yes, you read well.

“In the last years, we have seen several new breweries and bars opening in Portugal. Each year, more and more. We believe that the most broadcasted the beer culture is, we will increase our market. In 2016 there were only one or two craft beer bars in Lisbon. Nowadays there are more than 20 and growing. Beer is a democratic beverage, made for everyone. We need to work to spread this culture even more” – Says Gallas.

Our aim is spreading the craft beer culture in Portugal

This initiative comes to diffuse, even more, the beer culture in Portugal and worldwide, especially for the new brewers. We will provide some of our beer recipes through our website, showing step by step, ingredients and the brewing process.

“When we made our first brewing Workshop, we received several students from outside Lisbon. Most of them came from outside. It’s not very simple for everyone to be present in bigger cities, where there are specialized craft beer bars. Our online store came to open a new market, as it brought our beer for those who live in the suburbs. Now, this initiative comes to foment the studies of those who are interested in making their own craft beer. We want to create new brewers.” – Commented Gallas.

But, we must warn: it’s necessary to pay attention to the local laws. Always check the local laws about alcohol production and consumption – Gallas alerts.

This publication of our beer recipes is exclusively meant for studying purposes. For those who want to become brewers or technicians in the future.

What are the basic tools needed to produce craft beer?

There are some basic tools you must have to produce beer. In a big industry, such items are used in different sizes. But, there are suppliers like JOLA in Portugal and Brouwland in Belgium that sell online ingredients and equipment. We recommend them.

  • A pan or tun of at least 20L, electric or not.
  • If your tun isn’t electric, you need a stove.
  • A big brewer spoon
  • A bucket to ferment beer, with a tap and bubbler.
  • Densimeter or refratometer.
  • A silicon (food grade) hose.

Which of the Gallas beer recipes will be publicized?

The publication of our craft beer recipes will follow chronological criteria, according to the beers release date. At the start, we will show our older beers’ recipes. The new releases usually receive some changes and adjustments, and they will be publicized after a few months in the market.

In this first moment, we have publicized these recipes:

Very soon, we will show more and more recipes to our friends and future brewers!


We are very happy and excited at this moment. Honestly. We work for love and passion to the craft beer. The recipes that are being publicized now will follow a basic language, as easy as possible for newcomers. For the most advanced brewers, we recommend a tool called Beersmith, for calculating and simulating new recipes.

Happy brewing for everyone! Cheers!


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  • Rui Atalaia Posted 22 de June, 2020 11:34

    Muito bem parabéns pela iniciativa. Acho que vou exprimentar

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